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About Me.

Hello I’m Becky, a 2D artist based in the West Midlands.

From an early age I knew art was my calling, it was only thing I ever wanted to do. It wasn't until watching the bonus disc on Monsters Inc. DVD that my eyes widened and jaw hit the floor - people actually do this for a job?! As soon as I could I took art on full time, studying for a BTEC in fine art in college and when it came to university I chose to study animation.

Studying at university gave me the chance to study and strengthen a range of skills from model making to colour theories as well as keeping my love of 2D drawing in tow. As Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja burst out onto the App store I finally saw an industry I wanted be a part of. I have been working in the games industry as an artist for just over 3 years now and I absolutely adore it; it allows me to be creative while still giving me the satisfaction of solving problems. Working in smaller teams I've had exposure to lots of elements of mobile development, from conception to servicing an already 'live' game. I have a passion for adding character and fun into any project, which lends itself incredibly well to the games industry.

Bake Escape.

The sweetest, most delicious, slide and match game around!
My first project in the games industry was to create an original IP for a Match 3 game, right from designing the characters to creating the UI. Click the App icon below to find it in iTunes!

Turbo Trot.

Strap on your jodhpurs and prepare yourself for the exciting world of horse racing…
I was part of the 'Independent' team of the company, with this we tried to set out with each project some goals and things to learn from to share with the rest of the company. One of the reasons Turbo Trot was born was to create a framework which could be passed to anyone in the studio who wanted to empower them to create their own quick games.


Of course, unfortunately, not every project makes it beyond four walls of a studio. If you’d like to see more from me I’d be happy to share more of my portfolio.

Contact me.

Want talk, or know more? Sure! I'm always excited to hear about new projects you may wish me to be a part of. You can contact me via email at